The Global Lunchbox – GDV Group Project

As part of my first program, the Graphic Design – Visual Communication class worked together to complete a mock exhibition that would take place in our studio. The project took place over two semesters. The first semester focused on research and the second focused on planning the exhibit.

Our program co-ordinator chose the overall theme of the exhibition: “The Global Lunch Box”. Each of us got to complete extensive research on a topic regarding food. We all got to create a hero image, conduct surveys and create an infographic regarding our specific topic. The topic I chose to research is “Dinner on Mars: What and How do Astronauts Eat in Space?”

Just Add Water: The Hero Image

What should take space: a survey

Space Etiquette: An Infographic

For the second half of the project, we were divided into four different teams: font, image, logo and model. I volunteered for the model making team. Part of our deliverables included: coming up with the focused theme of the exhibit, coming up with 3-5 stories within the theme and building the model.

My team and I decided that the focused theme would be “A Walk Through Time”. Since there were four people on our team, we decided on four stories to be told throughout the exhibit: Ancient Rome, Religion and Etiquette, Pop Culture and Space. Using the research done by my fellow classmates, I designed the Ancient Rome story. Below are digital mockups of the story I designed and images of the model.

Digital mockup of the Ancient Rome story.

Digital mockup of the Ancient Rome story: part two.awttmodelawttmodel2awttmodel3awttmodel4awttmodel5awttmodel6